5 Ways to Wellness

These are not your traditional ways to wellness but, I assure you, these are THE ways to wellness. 

Compare. How did you feel the last time you compared yourself to another person? Not great? Exactly. Why compare yourself to someone who is not you? We all offer something unique. We all deserve to find our own strength and power without comparing it to someone else. You won’t find your power in someone else. Next time you find yourself saying, look how great her body looks, look how many fiends he has; stop and become aware of what you’re doing. Does it serve you? If not, move along onto another better thought. 

Drink. I’ve tried to fight the fact that booze is ok but, deep in my soul and in my experience, it is not in alignment with my overall wellness. If I want to wake up, listen to/read something positive, journal and workout, I cannot consume excessive amounts of alcohol if any at all. Im into holistic wellness; ALL around wellness. I drink my kombucha in a wine glass now. Haha. SO good. I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t drink from time to time but, if you want real growth and to feel good all of the time, lay off the alcohol. Drink water! Lots and lots of water. Carry water with you everyone where and sip it all the time. You’ll get used to it. You’re body will LOVE it. We are made up of 70% water and we need to consistently replenish it. 


Listen. Yes, listen when people talk without merely waiting to get your next word in but, I’m talking about listening to your body. If you are tired all the time, have a lot of pain, are crazy moody, to name a few, chances are you are feeding your body something it doesn’t like. One of my favorite analogies is a race car. You cannot put unleaded fuel in a race car, it will not run right. Sputter. Spit. Fail. You have to feed it high octane race fuel. When you feed it right, it will drive fast, clean and smooth. We are the same! If we drink and eat something that causes our insides to become inflamed our body will react chemically. It’s real, live science. Every time you eat, make your plate 70% water based; fruits and veggies. Then, listen to what your body says. It takes some time to get in tune with how you feel from the food you feed yourself but, if you start listening, it will eventually become clear. 

Journal. I cannot express how much journaling has transformed me. In the morning when I wake up, I write down my thoughts. Things I’ve learned, things I’m struggling with and things I want to do. I ask myself five really good questions every morning and give two answers for each. For example; What am I grateful for? How can I change my body today? What am I excited about today? What are two actions I can take today that will move me forward the most? How can I show love today? This process focuses me. It lays a very strong foundation for my day. Try it. It will alter your life too. 


Bring the light. Try smiling more. Try looking people in the eye and just smiling. Try turning a negative situation into an experiential lesson. Trust that you have everything you need within you and you can handle it.  When someone is spewing negativity try to shift the conversation. Remove yourself from conversations, relationships, and situations that do not serve you; that do not make you feel good. We have one life. Live it. Love it. It’s on you. No one else. Be the light for yourself. You’ll shine the way for others. 

It feels SO amazing being well in all areas of your life. You should try it! You’re worth it. I promise

Erin La Grassa