Taylor Stone

Taylor helps women make the connection of how your mind and current belief systems influence your health and how to instead reprogram your brain to manifest the life you desire. She focuses on mindbody medicine, which addresses all areas of life including mindset, thoughts, emotions, stress level, dietary habits and believes that by raising your frequency and bringing the mind and body into alignment is what will permanently heal your life.



Ridding the World of Insecurity

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Buti Yoga

With Bizzie Gold

Experience an uplifting, energy flow focused on alignment and core strength. Connect with your inner self using breath, movement and body awareness to explore and reach your true potential. Kai will cultivate strength with stretch in hatha and vinyasa style flow.


EDM Body Fitness

EDM Body Fitness is an energetic dance fitness workout to Electronic Dance Music. Get lost in the music and let the beats energize you. This class will give you a sweat drenching, calorie burning, party vibe

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Wim Hof iEssence


Through the medium of NOA|AON's carefully crafted production you will move to the beat of intention, breath, movement, silent reflection and release to trigger liberation from self-sabotage, doubt, fear & guilt.

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Shaman Durek

Transformation is real and possible. The only thing in the way of having a optimum life is all the thoughts and human conditons that restrict us from living our best life on planet Earth. The amount of stress and monotomy of survival and work, enviromental pollution, EMF waves ,disuptive media, intoxicants and emotional overload its enough to lead us to anxiety attacks and pychological break down.

We need to cleanse, purify and breath to realese, recharge and rebuild to sustain balance and wellbeing in our lifes.

Through the medium of NOA|AON's and Shaman Durek's heart focused production. You will move to the beat of intention, breath, energy, expereince silent reflection, release anger and stress that creates liberation from self-sabotage, doubt, fear and mental overload which leads to break down in our health.

It's time for a reset to rethink!

Every gathering is a awakening and a level up in your life and that is great for all people seeking to uplift and boost their full body mind and spirit connection.

It's time to raise the bar on what's possible!

Expect a taste of transformation through the techniques of breath work inspired by the Wim Hof Method by NOA/AON combined with shamanic guidance by Shaman Durek. Both NOA/ AON and Shaman Durek will lift and shift you to being your best self, seen and felt through your senses of the body with focused cues and music designed to enhance the energy culminated through the science based effects of group heart based coherence. Every heartbeat counts. You matter to use greatly. Looking forward to meeting the new you emerged.

When we are inspired we can inspire other people.



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